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Intellectual Property 

Philosophy to Real World Problems

This page contains links to some useful books that discuss real world issues concerning the application, success or failure of intellectual property laws. It is in trying to understand these problems, and devise better laws, that the the philosophy of intellectual property law plays an important role. 

The books are organised according to their main themes, and some appear in more than one category. This bibliography is not exhaustive (eg. only books with cover art available could be displayed). It should, however, provide a good starting point for research into various areas in which policy-makers must consider the impacts of intellectual property laws. 

The topics included here cover many of the contentious intellectual property policy issues currently being addressed around the world:

  • intellectual property and freedom of speech;
  • digitalisation and intellectual property;
  • intellectual property politics (and a few miscellaneous others here too);
  • piracy-counterfeiting / intellectual property crime;
  • biopiracy / bioprospecting;
  • traditional knowledge and cultural expression;
  • access to medicines;
  • trade, development, globalisation, and intellectual property;
  • intellectual property and human rights. 

The theory and philosophy of intellectual property often becomes very important to discussions about how to solve problems and improve laws in these areas.

To use this interactive bibliography, spin the wheels of books using the arrows, and hover over a book with your cursor for author, title and price details. Clicking on a book will open it in another window, where you can view further publication details and reviews. This will also allow you to purchase the book(s) if you would like to delve further into their insights, analyses and arguments about intellectual property law. Alternatively, enter the book's details into the WorldCat search box to find it in a library.

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Students using this resource to research for assignments should be aware that developments in this area of law are typically fast-moving. While books provide an excellent basis for research, don't forget to carefully research the literature published in law journals. It may be more current, and much interesting written discourse on intellectual property law appears in journal publications.


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